Marvel comics go online

ironman-armor-final-big.jpg  If you grew up on Marvel Comics like I did, hang on tight. The Internet is about to steal even more of your productivity.

The venerable comics giant has announced that it will be placing a substatial part of its back catalog- some 2,500 issues to begin and 20 more added each week- online to help introduce their characters to the 'young, internet savvy' audience fervently hunted by advertisers all over the world. The Guardian reports that about 250 issues will be free, and the rest can be accessed for $9.99 a month, or $4.99 a month with a yearly commitment.

I'm surprised it's taken comic publishers so long to make the jump into cyberspace, considering the majority of their audience uses the web as their primary information and entertainment portal. And Marvel's digital move is still pretty vanilla- new issues will only be available six months after publication and the digital comics can't be downloaded. Still, the ability to reade Spiderman #1 online is pretty %#^#& cool.

While this is good news for comic enthusiasts, I think I speak for all my fellow panelogists out there when I say that the Marvel Digital Comics should probably give this character a pass. Just a thought.