Lost WWII Fighter Turns Up on Beach

That's the thing about a day at the beach- you never know what you're going to find. Maybe some lose change, and errant flipper, a half eaten hot dog, or maybe the remains of a WWII P-38 Lightning. And on a lonely Welsh beach, that's exactly what happened. The plane ditched in shallow water after a training mission in 1942. The pilot survived, but the plane was abandoned to the vagaries of ocean and sand. Until this year, when a shift in tide revealed its badly rusted, but largely intact, frame.

Amazing that a bona fide piece of aviation history literally just washed up on a beach. I hope someone recovers the Lightning and restores it...there's only about 10 p-38's in the world today, and an eleventh couldn't hurt.

In other news, I'm still waiting for that frisbee I lost in 1995 to wash back up on shore. I really liked that thing.


Da plane, boss! Da plane!