Tunguska Party-Time in Siberia in 2008

You'll have to excuse the title of this post...it comes directly from a Russia Information Centre article announcing plans for turning the 100th Anniversary of the Tunguska Event into a tourist festival. You'll recall that Tunguska, in Siberia, was the site of a massive explosion in 1908, now believed to have been caused by a meteorite detonationg in mid-air. This site is awesome for two reasons. First, having a festival to commemorate an explosion with paranormal associations appeals to me on like five levels, not the least of which is irony. But the announcement is also written in profoudly amusing Russian-to-English. For example:

The world practice shows that making business on travel to anomalous zones and places of UFO landing yields a profit. This is why the local authorities have decided to take the advantage of the human interest to all mystical and unknown and turn the place of the meteorite fall into a popular travel centre.


Taking into account that tens of international expeditions annually come to Evenkiya to solve the Tunguska mystery, there are all chances for development of profitable travel business in the region, and the 100th anniversary of the Tunguska phenomenon can become an effective impact for bringing the idea to life.

Tens of international expeditions? My god, that's a lot. And finally:

It is planned to create an open-air museum, to lay an 80-kilometre route through bogs to taiga and the supposed epicentre of the meteorite fall. Also it is planned to construct helicopter sites so that foreign guests could visit the “anomaly” and to develop a special cultural programme with the local national cuisine, singing, dancing, etc.

That's some sweet, glorious music right there. I'm planning on attending in the hopes that all their printed material will be equally awesome.


The Tunguska Event: Come for the giant explosion, stay for the special cultural programme with the local national cuisine, singing, dancing, etc.