Ultra-Rightwingers act like morons. Wait, that isn't news.

I couldn't help but smil reading this article in the Guardian. It turns out that the extreme xenophobia of neo-fascists and ultra-nationalists isn't terribly conducive to forming international alliances. A collection of prize fascist dingbats who somehow managed to get elected into the European Parliament tried to form an international caucus, largely to receive funding and administrative perks. The coalition consisted of neo-fascists and extreme nationalists from Italy, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Britain. Fortunately for all of us, these morons are so intolerant that they can't even tolerate each other.

The trouble started when Mussolini's grandaughter Alessandra Mussolini [Sidebar: who let a relative of Mussolini within 500 miles of elected office?] said that all Romanians were criminals. The Romanian members of the caucus took great exception to this, and quit. This means the group no longer has the 20 Members of European Parliament they need to qualify as an official caucus.

Oh, and they're also missing the sole British extremist member, Ashley Mote, who is currently serving a jail sentence for benefit fraud.

After the implosion, the EP burst into spontaneous applause. But Labour MEP Gary Titley had the drop-dead, last-word best quote of the day:

"Members of this rightwing group have been fighting among themselves like ferrets in a sack. They can't even agree on the day of the week."

Nice. I love when the douchebaggery of douchebags prevents them from attaining more sophisticated levels of douchebagginess. Or something like that anyway. Of course, one wonders why there are neo-fascists in the EP at all, but I suppose we can sleep a little better knowing they are too stupid to do any real damage.


Why did I use this picture? A group of clowns...a caucus of ultra-right extremists...you figure it out.