Ghostbusters 3: The Video Game

Ever since the Ghostbusters film franchise went mysteriously dark in 1989, the rumour mill has been awash in stories that a third installment of the truly awesome sci-fi/comedy series was in the works. If these reports were to be believed, it was going to be called something like "Ghostbusters 3: Ghostbusters Go to Hell". But nothing ever happened. And then the Friday the 13th films ripped off the title, and sent Jason to Hell instead. And then, Dan Ackroyd confirmed in early 2007 that the new film would be called "Ghostbusters: Hellbent", would star Ben Stiller, and would be all CGI. Yikes.

As of this writing, there's still not a lot of evidence to suggest a new GB film is in the works. But there's some exciting news out about the next best thing: a Ghostbuster III video game, written by Ackroyd and Harold Ramis (aka Ray and Egon). Here's some actual in-game footage, and some nerdish folks talking about it:

Looks pretty great. Still, it's unclear if this is a companion piece to a new GB film, or a stand-alone project. If it's the latter, then chalk one up for the convergence visionaries. In their world, video games are the new sequels.