New photo of 3-D, no less.

Nov. 19, 2007 marks the 144th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's inconic Gettysburg Address, one of the greatest- and shortest- speeches ever made. Fitting that today would also see the discovery of a new photo of Honest Abe, moments before he delivered his legendary address. The photo was found by an amateur historian with a thing for steroscopic images of Gettysburg. Stereoscopy is a method for creating 3-D images by placing two, slightly different images of the same subject in a special viewer. That's right, folks. The new Lincoln photographs are three-dimensional.

Photos of Lincoln, 3-D or otherwise, are extremely rare. There are only about 130 known examples, only one of which depicts the 16th President of the United States at Gettysburg.

The photographic discovery has not yet been confirmed by the Library of Congress, but its veracity seems pretty solid. I mean, how many other 6'4", beared men wearing a stove-pipe hat could there have been in Gettysburg that day?