The Pin-up as Politics

It's Friday. I'm tired. So I'm going to put up a little eye candy. I stumbled across this over on boing boing: an old-style pin-up calendar that lampoons George Bush's many corporate masters with scantily clad women. Hurray!

From the creators:

"I'm a burlesque performer in NYC and me and a bunch of the girls and NYC photographer Burke Heffner created the calendar 'The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush.' It's a beautiful, vintage styled pinup calendar. Each girl represents a special interest group or corporation that has profited from Bush being in power. The calendar is topical, environmentally friendly, and 25% of the profits are going to watchdog organizations that monitor corporate influence over our government."

Sounds good to me. And the fact that she's smoking hot doesn't hurt either.


This is most SFW pic I could find.