Sigh. Why am I not an Antelope?

Zoologists have announced a surprising discovery: male Topi Antelopes literally have to fend off advances from aggressive female suitors. Must be tough. Said Dr. Jakob Bro-Jorgensen of the Zoological Society of London:

"Some pushy females were so aggressive in their pursuit of the male that he actually had physically to attack them to rebuff their advances."

This, in case you were wondering, is the animal equivalent of 'beating them off with a stick". The Topi are also incredibly promiscuous, mating with as many as 36 partners in a single day. The only consolation is that Topi females are only fertile for 24 hours every year.

You've got to respect Mother Nature for her bitter sense of irony. Nothing like fulfilling the adolescent fantasy of every single male on earth in another species, so we can watch from a distance and get progressively more irritated.


Lucky bastard.