Religion gone ever madder

It was bad enough that British school teacher was sentenced to 15 days in jail in Sudan for naming a stuffed bear 'Muhammad'. Now, an angry mob is demanding she be executed by firing squad for insulting Islam. Sweet bloody Hell.

Yes, right now actual human beings are marching through the streets chanting things like "Kill her, kill her by firing squad" and "No tolerance: Execution". I find the last one particularly interesting, because so far as I know, whether you're reading the Bible, the Torah, or the Qu'ran, tolerance seems to be a pretty big part of the story.

This is disgusting. Disgusting on an epic scale. Like huge, godzilla-sized disgusting. I'd be pretty ashamed to be associated with anything that can lead to such a massive freakout over something so profoundly stupid.

Oh, and while we're at it,, Darfur? Can you stop supporting genocide? Thanks.


Apparently, this woman deserves to die for naming a bear after a dead dude.