Behold! The Self-Tuning Guitar

What an age of wonders. Gibson Guitars, the makers of the best damn rock instruments on this green earth, have just announced that their self-tuning guitar will go on sale Dec. 7. Using robot technology developed by German firm Tronical, the tuning system senses pitch, and directs tiny motors to adjust the strings. According to Gibson, the axe tunes in about 2 seconds. Holy crap.

Of course, the future doesn't come cheap. The self-tuning Les Paul will cost around 3,400 bones. Which is fair enough, since a Les Paul Standard typically retails for around $2,500. So you have to ask yourself: is ridding yourself of the endless irritation of tuning is worth the extra $900. Probably. It's not only an investment in convenience, but also in the irrefutable street cred that comes from owning a freakin' robot guitar.

I'd just like to say to my Les Paul Studio that, yes, I know you don't tune yourself. But you do rock hard and annoy my neighbours, and for that I will always love you.