Fight the Canadian DMCA!

So, Industry Canada Minister Jim Prentice is all set to bring down a Canadian version of the USA's horrendous Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Among other stupid things, it will ban all forms of currently legal 'circumvention' of copyright, including parody, fair dealing, time shifting, or personal back-up. Basically, the Canadian DMCA will make it really hard to do a lot of really creative and useful things with media. But, as many commentators have pointed out, there's hope. The last two politicians that tried to pass a new copyright act lost their jobs. So how can you fight this latest attack on digital freedom?

First, visit Michael Geist's blog. This is the single best source of information on fighting the Canadian DMCA. There, you can find this video:

Next, join the Facebook Group. The more the merrier.

And finally, once you've done all that, watch an angry puppet talk about DMCA.