The View: Still Your Source for Baffling Stupidity

I'm sure most of you have seen this already, but I'm posting it anyway. It just deserves to be seen. And, I'm a big believer in not only exposing ignorance, but ensuring that it is savagely punished. Here's Sherri 'The World is Flat' Shepherd dispensing another pearl of historical wisdom:

You heard it here first, folks. Jesus predates everything. And Aristotle fed Christians to the lions.

How is this women allowed- let alone paid- to pander this idiocy on network television? Nobody should put up with this- not only does it betray a total lack of historical understanding, but it demonstrates a misapprehension of Christian Theology. And the uber-Christians are usually the first to accept bad history to justify theology, so evebn they must be put off by this dimwittery.

On the other hand, if Americans are able to tolerate this, the presidency of George W. Bush Suddenly makes a lot more sense.