Military Dog Goes Home

You'll have to excuse this post, as I fear the potential for schmaltz is alarmingly high. But I have a thing for 'boy and dog' stories, so deal with it. Lex, an eight-year-old bomb-sniffing dog for the US Marines, is finally going home. Lex's handler, Cpl. Dustin Jerome Lee, was killed almost nine months ago during a mortar attack in Iraq. Although seriously wounded by the blast, Lex refused to leave the side of his dead master and had to be carried away.

Cpl. Lee's family lobbied hard to adopt Lex, even though he had two years of military service left. And yesterday, the USMC agreed to let the German Shepherd go to his new family. Said Dustin's father:

"We knew that's what Dustin would have wanted out of this. He knew that we would take care of Lex and love him, just like our own."

This might sound silly, but this is kind of beautiful little moment. Out of all the suffering and loss that has come out of Iraq, it's nice that something as simple as a loyal dog can help one family heal.


Lex. He's a good dog.