Scientists indulge their inner Frankenstein

Gotta love humanity. Our 'we can do something, so we should do something' spirit is so darn entertaining. And Mother Nature is just one big, giant playground for screwing with evolution. Japanese researchers have announced that they have bred a mouse that is not afraid of cats, forever shifting the feline-rodent balance of power from 'tense stand-off' to 'all you can eat buffet'. Apparently, by manipulating certain genes, the mice will no longer cower from the smell or presence of cats. This is an interesting demonstration of how mammalian fear is hard-wired and not learned. Take that, nurture! Although it strikes me as a little odd that the scientists didn't simultaneously engineer the super mice to taste really bad. Those mice are so getting eaten.

But even if the mice aren't afraid of cats, they will be able to see them in the dark. A South Korean team has engineered two Turkish Angorra cats to glow under black light. Why, we don't know. But work of this nature is sure to be a boon for people who enjoy cats and live in unlit basements, caves, or the infinite blackness of deep space.

Science at work, ladies and gents. Suicidal mice and glowing cats. What an age of wonders.


"Honey, have you seen the cat? Oh, never mind. I can see it glowing under the chesterfield."