Gawker launches new Sci-Fi blog

According to TechnoratiGawker is the 22nd most popular site in the blogosphere with some 7,853 inbound links. And yet, for some reason, I almost never read it. Sure, the writing is punchy. Granted, they have some great scoops. But I just can't get behind their celeb-gossip-for-the-literatti vibe. I mean, I get encounter enough irritating incidental celebrity gossip during the day I just can't be bothered to visit a site that peddles the same, no matter how high-brow it is. But today, Gawker just put something out I can get behind. In a big way. Yes, they've launched a new science fiction blog that appears to be as obsessive about sci-fi as I am. And that's a pretty high bar.

io9 went live this morning, and early impressions are positive. I particularly enjoyed their Morning Spoilers feature. And by 'particularly enjoyed', I mean 'took feverish notes'. Good spoilers are like mana from heaven. It's also nice that the site spends equal time on science fiction and science fact, allowing me to justify frequent visits with the old 'at least I'm learning something' excuse.

Anyways, io9 is well worth a visit. I look forward to seeing what they come up with in the weeks to come.