Apocalypse, thy name is chicken wing

Every superhero has a weakness. Superman has kryptonite. The Green Lantern has the colour yellow. Underdog had a horrendous movie adaptation. And Nunc Scio has hot chicken wings. That's right. Chicken wings. I love them. I can't get enough of them. I would happily step over my own grandmother to get at that sweet, spicy goodness. And the hotter the wing, the better. If I'm not crying by the end of a half-pound, if all the mucous in my head hasn't gone liquid and started flowing freely out of my nose, and if I can still feel my lips, then brother, that ain't a good wing.

But even I may have just met my match.

A Chicago tavern, the Corner Tap, is planning to sell wings covered with the hottest pepper known to man, the Red Savina Pepper. The average red savina has a rating of 580,000 Scoville Units, the generally accepted measure of spicyness. To put that in perspective, the Red Savina is twice as piquant as the average habanero pepper (at between 100,000 - 350,000 SU), and a face-meltingly 65 times spicier than the average jalapeno. Translation: it tastes like burning.

The new wings are so hot, patrons must first sign a waiver releasing the restaurant from liability for any wing-related damage. Common injuries include spontaneous combustion, flaming scalp, and slight hearing loss caused by steam shooting out of your ears.

Said chef Robin Rosenberg:

"This isn't the right sauce for everyone, but for someone out there, this is going to be absolute heaven. Of course, for a handful of people, it's going to be hell."

Game on, super wings. I think I just found my Everest.


The Red Savina Pepper: all the fires of Hades now in convenient vegetable form.