Spanish Socialists Unveil 'Official Scent'

If you're a member of the small constituency that makes political decisions on the basis of smell (there must be a few of you out there, vainly sniffing at politicians while attempting to determine what sane fiscal planning actially smells like), then Spain is the place for you. Today, the Catalan Socialist Party today lauched their very own fragrance in advance of upcoming parliamentary elections. So what, exactly, does socialism smell like?

Apparently, it mixes Mediterranean herbs and fruits such as Bergamot orange and white tea with base notes from the Orient, which come together to produced an aroma of "confidence, equality, progress and efficiency".

This is a bit of departure for socialist perfumologists, as Stalin was widely reputed to smell like a mixture of manure and used crankcase oil.

Not to be outdone, Capitalism has begun work on its own scent. While the finished product won't be available for several months, early reports suggest that the new aroma will "smell like pennies taste". Curious.