Vote Nunc Scio in the Canadian Blog Awards

Much to my surprise and eternal gratitude, Nunc Scio has been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award in the 'Best Non-Partisan Blog' category. Nice to see that both my obsessive posting and irrational fear of organized political parties has finally paid off. If you have enjoyed Nunc Scio over the past 7 1/2 months, why not vote for it? I mean, it's no cost to you, and it will make me feel ever so loved. So please, pop on over to the CBA site and give Nunc Scio a little digital chin-chuck.

And remember! I will also be appearing on CBC TV's Test The Nation this Sunday Evening (January 20) at 8PM. I'll be part of the Blogger team, bravely struggling to defeat those smug Backpackers. And possibly ogling celebrity guest Tricia Helfer. Hottest. Cylon. Ever.