Macworld = Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy

Ah, Macworld. That magical time when drooling Apple fanboys emerge from their lairs to celebrate a shiny second Christmas, featuring a Santa claus wearing a black turtleneck. Jobs be praised. While this year's Macworld Keynote- when Steve busts out all his eerily well-designed new goodies- probably won't have anything quite as brain-meltingly cool as the iPhone, it looks like there might be some interesting stuff in the pipeline. Most intriguing is the so-called 'MacBook Air', Apple's re-entry into the ultraportable laptop market.  The development of a compact notebook has been grist for the rumour sites for months, but Wired picked up the story last night. And, they claim an 'Apple insider' has leaked some specs: 0.8 inches thick, tear-drop shaped, and no cables at all. That means Wi-Fi connectivity only and the mythical 'inductive charging', or power without any hardpoints.

Wired's art department has also come up with a mock-up:


And from the side:


That is, as they say, 'teh hotness'. If that's really what the MacBook Air looks like, I'll have to build a time machine, go back in time, and force Steve Jobs to release it last week so I can already have one.

I'll monitor the Keynote and throw up some updates as they become available.

UPDATE [10:26AM]: Wired's Gadget Blog just posted some pictures of a case apparently designed for the new Air. If that's true, Apple is going to be maaaad.

UPDATE [1:09PM]: It's official- Jobs just announced it. We now have a MacBook Air. And I need to get to an Apple store.

From MacRumours:



And, as the final touch, check it out at Apple.