The Fair Copyright for Canada Manifesto

Michael Geist, copyright expert and all-around good guy, has posted a copyright manifesto of sorts to his blog. I suggest you check it out in full, but if you're in a rush here are the basic principles:

  1. Take the Copyright Pledge.  All Members of Parliament should be comfortable with the principle that they will not "introduce, support, or endorse any copyright bill that, either directly or indirectly, undermines or weakens the Copyright Act’s fair dealing provision."
  2. Anti-circumvention provisions should be directly linked to copyright infringement. 
  3. No ban on devices that can be used to circumvent a TPM. 
  4. Expand the fair dealing provision by establishing "flexible fair dealing."
  5. Establish a legal safe harbour for Internet intermediaries supported by a "notice and notice" takedown system. 
  6. Modernize the backup copy provision.
  7. Rationalize the statutory damages provision.
  8. Include actual distribution in the making available right. 

Geist has been doing real yeoman's work on the whole DMCA issue, and his site is the best place for info on how to fight the Government's potentially brutal copyright legislation. If you care about digital freedom, get thee to Michael Geist!