USA to create irony-immune cluster bomb taskforce

American officials told a UN conference that they are prepated to create a rapid-response taskforce to clean up unexploded cluster bomb sites around the world. Cluster bombs, as you'll recall, work by spreading tiny bomblets over a wide area, many of which don't explode on contact. They hang around until a civilian, usually a child, steps on them or mistakes them for a toy or something. Results are predictable. I, for one, am impressed by the compassion shown by the US on this one. I mean, it's pretty top drawer to dedicate millions of dollars and huge manpower into addressing the cluster bomb problem. It's just

Of course, they could always just stop manufacturing and dropping cluster bombs themselves, and end support for countries who continue to use these munitions. This would save money, time, and countless lives. But I guess that's just to easy. And besides 'taskforce' just sounds wicked cool and looks great on a t-shirt.


A cluster bomblet. If you don't drop 'em, you don't have to pick 'em up.