Day one of the digitial war on Scientology: not so good.

The Threat Level Blog has some interesting stuff of the newly declared battle against Scientology by hacker-org Anonymous. And as campaigns go, this one could be going better. The core of the digital assault revolves around Distributed Denial of Service (DD0S) attacks against the Scientology website, posting leaked documents around the web, and up-voting anti-Scientology articles on Digg. Not surprisinly, the Church of Scientology is firing back,  using dummy servers to filter DDoS attacks away from legitimate traffic.

But sometime yesterday, an Anonymous member thought they had discovered the real location of the Scientology server, and directed attacks towards it. Unfortunately, the IP was actually a Dutch elementary school. Whoops. Sorry kids.

Not an auspicious start. It will be interesting to see whether a loose network of hackers can actually disrupt a well-funded, apparently tech-savvy organization. And Tom Cruise. He can read your mind, you know.