Secret settings for Star Trek viral site

stscreencap.jpg JJ Abrams must be supporting a good portion of the website design industry, what with his fanatical yen for viral websites.

If you've been to the official Star Trek movie site, you've probably noticed a little blinky red dot next to 'Under Construction' that takes you to, a site that features four webcams of the Enterprise under construction (thanks to MB for the tip). Trouble is, they're all blurry.

But thanks to the good people at io9, we now have 'setting codes' to sharpen up the images. As follows:

Camera 1: 564

Camera 2: 125

Camera 3: 955

Camera 4: 289

You can enter these nifty codes at the bottom of each camera. Kinda cool. Oh, and one of the camera is always 'off-line', so just keep refreshing to see all of them.