Chuck Klosterman on the Tom Brady Effect

Chuck Klosterman has a brilliant essay out about what I've been unofficially calling the 'Tom Brady Effect'- the strange paradox of grimly predicting a Patriot's victory while secretly hoping they lose. A sample:

If the Patriots win, they will just become this thing that scorched the earth for five months before capturing a trophy that was never in doubt. Future historians will describe this New England team as if it were a machine. Everyone will concede the Pats' superlative greatness, but the 19 wins will be just a collection of numbers. But if they lose -- especially if they lose late -- the New England Patriots will be the most memorable collection of individuals in the history of pro football. They will prove that nothing in this world is guaranteed, that past returns do not guarantee future results, that failure is what ultimately defines us and that Gisele will probably date a bunch of other dudes in her life, because man is eternally fallible.

Klosterman is epic. Go read the whole column. Then buy some of his books.