Nunc Scio Wins 'Best Non-Partisan Blog' in the Canadian Blog Awards


To get the most out of this post, please do the following:

1. Play this song:


2. Picture me staring out over the ocean with a look of knowing satisfaction. And then, rather than toss the dogtags of my recently deceased RIO (GOOOOOSE...!) into the water, I throw my MacBook. Inexplicably, I am still wearing a flight suit.

Yes, Nunc Scio has won Best Non-Partisan Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards.  This makes me very happy, very grateful, and a little hungry. My fellow nominees are an incredible group, and I was honoured to be included among them. If you get a chance, check them out: Bow. James Bow., Slap Upside the Head (great blog and a super nice guy), Waking Up on Planet X, and More Notes from Underground. So much bloggy goodness. If you were a blog diabetic, you'd be dead by now.

Crucial thanks: Scott over at Scott's DiaTribes for the nomination; my designer and King of All Internets Robin Senior; my hilarious stable of commentators Sassafrass, Forbes, Matej, Joshua and Senior; my parents for reading this rag every day; and everyone who reads, has ever read, or voted for Nunc Scio. You guys is da best.

I suppose I should also thank Tom Cruise, because he can read my mind. And if I'm ever in a car accident, he's the only one who can help.