Patriots win! Wait, no they don't!

Whew. So ends another Super Bowl. And it was certainly one fore ages, both in terms of the Giants' shocking 17-14 upset and my unprecedented intake of chicken wings. It was certainly one of the more narratively complex football games of recent memory. The Giants' victory confirmed that the plot of every sports movie of the last 35 years- the "scrappy-upstarts-beat-arrogant-perfectionists" archetype- was essentially correct.

For that matter, Super Bowl XLII also supports any number of science fiction plots, mostly of the"humanity-triumphs-over-evil-robots-from-space" variety. Because, you know, Tom Brady is a robot.

Highlights of the game included the Giants' smothering pass rush and the 12 minutes where the CTV feed cut out and I got to watch some decent commercials. Was a new Frank & Gordon Beaver commercial really the best we could do? Thanks a bunch, CRTC.


Fun fact: Superbowl XLII was loosely based on the 1994 Rick Moranis vehicle, Little Giants.