50 Cent endorses Hillary Clinton for Prez

Strangest. Endorsement. Ever. Rap icon 50 Cent (or 'Mr. Cent', as the bizarrely awkward British reporter call hims in the video below) thinks Hillary Clinton should be the next president:

Just to break out that last comment for you:

"I don't think America is ready for a black president. They might kill him."

Yikes. It's hard to get any political mileage out of the "X should be president because they are less likely to be assassinated" nod, no matter how popular the endorser is.

Ass-hat O'Reilly is apparently happy to dismiss Fiddy as a 'pinhead'. But I wonder. In my weaker "vast sections of the American south terrify me" moments, I've often thought the same thing. But more importantly, 'Mr. Cent's' comments hint at the kind of siege mentality a lot of African Americans live with daily. After a brutal historical legacy of poverty, oppression and violence, these must be the things you come to expect. Upsetting.