Video games more physiologically rewarding for men. That's...why...I...can't...stop...playing...COD4.

halo3-2-lg_nuncscio.jpg  New research out today shows that men receive more neural rewards from playing video games, making them better gamers. It also means they get addicted to video games way more easily.

From the CBC:

In a brain-imaging study by Stanford's school of medicine, researchers discovered that, when playing video games, the part of the brain that generates feelings of reward is more stimulated in men than in women. That helps explain why they're more likely to get hooked, the study's authors say.

Apparently, males have more activity in their mesocorticolimbic centre, which is either a part of the human brain or a totally hot club in Mazatlan. The meso...etc. centre is the part of the brain associated with award and addiction, so more activity means men feel better when playing video games, and really don't want to stop.

Of course, what the study fails to recognize is the streak of altruism that infects many gamers. Listen, I didn't want to be the last obstacle between a ruthless alien confederacy and the complete destruction of the human race. It chose me.

In related news, work on why women love Dancing With The Stars continues apace.