The best thing I have read on American politics. Probably ever.

Well, as the shrill insanity of Super Tuesday slowly receding behind us, I thought I'd post up a near-transcendental piece of political commentary by author Michael Chabon. It's basically an elegaic argument for nominating Barak Obama. It almost slipped past me when it came out in the WashPo on Monday, but thankfully the ever-enterprising EM sent it to me. In his exact words:

I mean, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, can you imagine anyone writing anything so beautiful and sad and thoughtful as that about anyone currently elected to any level of Canadian government? As Charlie Brown would say: "Sigh".

Here's a sample of the awesomeness:

But the most pitiable fear of all is the fear of disappointment, of having our hearts broken and our hopes dashed by this radiant, humane politician who seems not just with his words but with every step he takes, simply by the fact of his running at all, to promise so much for our country, for our future and for the eventual state of our national soul. I say "pitiable" because this fear of disappointment, which I hear underlying so many of the doubts that people express to me, is ultimately a fear of finding out the truth about ourselves and the extent of the mess that we have gotten ourselves into. If we do fight for Obama, work for him, believe in him, vote for him, and the man goes down to defeat by the big-money machines and the merchants of fear, then what hope will we have left to hold on to?

Thus in the name of preserving hope do we disdain it. That is how a phobocracy maintains its grip on power.

So, so good. Why are you still here? You should be reading this article right now.