Diary of the Dead in theatres this Friday

Those who know me know I love zombie movies. Dear god, do I ever love zombie movies. Every awesome, bone crunching, lurching, moaning moment of them. And when it comes to zombies, nobody does them better than George A. Romero. So I've been waiting like a high-tension spring for his latest flick, Diary of the Dead, to finally hit theatres. Oh sure, it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival. But for us plebes who can't afford the 500 per cent ticket mark-up, and aren't lucky enough to work in 'the biz', that wasn't really an option.

But finally, it's coming to theatres everywhere. Like most Romero films, it was indie-produced and spent a while looking for a distributor. And when it found one, they expeditied. I'm not sure if I've been dozing and missed the announcement, but I'm please to report DOTD will launch this Friday. Showtimes TBC.

So yeah. Awesome. And if you don't belive me, watch the trailer:

So. Good.