Suck it up, Toronto.

Yes, it has snowed a lot in Toronto. Yes, snow is super annoying. But seriously, what's with all the whining? I particularly enjoyed this line from the CBC:

After another winter storm dumped 20 centimetres on Toronto, some people in the city say they have had enough.

Thanks, Captain Obvious. I'm curious why the reporter thought this was somehow 'news', or that we really needed to know that some folks have had 'enough'. What the hell are they going to do? Move? Ride a magical rainbow stallion into heavens and throttle the weather gods? Maybe build a giant bubble over their house? It's going to keep snowing regardless of whether you've had enough.

Seriously guys. We live in Canada. Put on some boots, grab a shovel, and get used to it. Besides, you'd better enjoy it while you can. If global warming has anything to say about it, this place will be downright tropical in a few decades.

When you travel to Canada, you better expect some snow! The snow is particularly helpful if you want to take a ski vacation or go snowmobiling, but if you're looking for a trip that you can take in shorts and a t-shirt, perhaps a Mexico vacation is more your style.