Oh, CIA. You hated Castro so much.

As Fidel Castro steps down as Cuban leader, it's important to take some time and remember his true legacy: over half a century of hare-brained schemes to kill him. CNN has assembled some of the best assasination plots. Here's my favourite:

Booby-trapped seashell The idea was to take an unusually spectacular seashell that would catch Castro's attention, load it with an explosive triggered to blow when the seashell was lifted, and submerge it in an area Castro was known to frequent for skin-diving. The plan progressed so far that Desmond Fitzgerald, then head of the CIA's Cuban operations, bought two books on Caribbean mollusks. It was later decided the scheme was impracticable for a variety of reasons, among them that a midget submarine to have been used in placing the seashell had too short an operating range.

Awesome! An exploding sea shell? Nothing like a plan so high concept as to be totally insane. H/T to MN for this one.