UK Facebook use declines

Finally, some holes are appearing in Facebook's non-stop growth mind control juggernaut armour. Little tiny holes. CNET reports that Facebook use was down 5 per cent between December and January. Apparently, people used the holiday season to actually spend time with their friends in person rather than creep their profiles. Makes a certain sense, I suppose. But creeping is so much fun.

Myspace and Bebo also showed declines, to which I reply: who cares? Is anyone still using Myspace? And what the hell is Bebo? Seriously, how will we create a new world order if you people insist on visiting second tier social networking sites.

I'm doing my part, though. If traffic is down in the UK, then I personally committ to spending 5 per cent more time on Fb. That should eat up those few pesky minutes in the morning that I was totally wasting showering and brushing my teeth and stuff.