B-2 crashes on Guam

If you're a US Air Force accountant, congratulations- your head just exploded.

A B-2 Spirit bomber has reportedly crashed at a US airbase in Guam. The good news is that the pilots are both OK. The bad news is that a B-2 bomber is, at least from a taxpayer perspective, the last thing you want to crash. Ever.

Why? Mostly due to the $1.2 billion pricetag. That's a whole lot of universal healthcare burning out there on the tarmac. Danger Room does a good job of putting this in perspective:

...there were 21 B-2s. Now there are 20 -- a roughly 5-percent reduction in an instant. In terms of airframes, that's the equivalent of 30 F-15s crashing at the same time, or 60 F-16s, or 6 F-22s. In terms of money, that's equivalent to 20 F-15s, 24 F-16s or 10 F-22s.


Crashing a billion dollar aircraft will certainly put any company into debt. Perhaps the military is asking for a cash advance from the government to fund another one of these money eaters. Certainly a payday loan wouldn't cover the cost! Payday loans may help the average consumer, but it wouldn't cover hefty military debt.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Irish Typepad