Nader goes for president again; world sighs, shakes head

nuncscio_100404_nader_ralph_156.jpg How's that old saying go? Something about already being dead, but too stupid to lie down?

Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, Al Gore spoiler and George Bush enabler has announced that yes, he will indeed be seeking the presidency in 2008.

Somewhere in the distance, cue the sound of a single mournful trombone.

Look, I like Nader. He's done some important work. He's a man of principle, and I'm sure his constant attempts for the White House motivations as pure as the driven snow. Take this quote on his Republican and Democrat competitors:

"The issue is do they have the moral courage, do they have the fortitude to stand up to corporate powers and get things done for the American people. We have to shift the power from the few to the many."

Sure, I'll get behind that. Trouble is, it just won't work. Nader will get destroyed, like he does every time, and he may siphon off some valuable votes from the Democrats in the process. Net result: Nader's legacy takes another hit, and maybe we have another four years of Republican rule.

Nader must know it won't work. So I have to think this is a clever plot to force the Democrats away from their corporate overlords and become more responsive to the 'people', whatever that means. But it's a dangerous game...there's a lot at stake in this election. I really hope Nader doesn't manage to torpedo someone who could deliver real change like, oh I don't know, Barack Obama.