Obituary - Russia's Democracy, 17

yeltsin_tank_gallery__470×333.jpg  Photo: Russia's Democracy in happier times.

Russia's Democracy, grandson of Tsarist Russia and son of a disastrous experiment in Communism, is dead. It was 17 years old.

A sickly child, Russia's Democracy survived several bouts of Coup and Crippling Insurgent Wars. Recently, Russia's Democracy's health took a downturn, as an advanced case of Strong Man Syndrome led to restricted civil liberties, constraints on the media, and the murder of several journalists.

Russia's Democracy finally succumbed to reports that the Kremlin is planning to rig the upcoming presidential 'elections'. The centrally co-ordinated plan to force civil servants to vote for Putin-puppet Medvedev, inflate voter turnout figures, and stuff ballot boxes overwhelmed Russia's Democracy at approximately 7:40 AM this morning.

Russia's Democracy is survived by an ugly, former-KGB troll of a man who has nothing but bad things planned. For everyone.