Woman spends two years in boyfriend's bathroom

A 35 year-old women has been taken to hospital in Kansas City after reportedly spending two years in her boyfriend's bathroom. More specifically, two years on her boyfriend's toilet, the seat of which had to be removed by a doctor. That's just insane. And the woman in question is clearly nuts. But I'm more interested in the boyfriend. I can't decide whether this is touching case of true love and loyalty, or the dumbest guy in the world.

First of all, something is clearly wrong with your girlfriend. She won't leave the bathroom, and you have had zero luck getting her out. Maybe it's time to call the authorities. Maybe that's something you do before the two-year mark. And it's definitely something you do before her rear-end actually grows around the toilet seat. What were you thinking?

Second, how did that work? The relationship kept going, with all of it (and I'm interpreting that fairly widely) being conducted in the WC. That's awkward, because it's a small room. Also, where did he *ahem* do his business? Having a washroom recluse for a partner also precludes holding any sort of a dinner party:

"Where's the washroom?"

"Down the hall. But I should warn you. My girlfriend lives in there."

"Oh. Wait, what?"

Bizarre. Still, kinda touching that he fed and supported her while she was, er, holed-up on the can. And unless she was running a business out of there, he was footing all the bills.

I need to think about this a bit. But not too much. Because, you know, it's gross. Still, my initial impression is this: crazy people and stupid people make a bad combo.

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