For the love of Nessie

loch_ness_monster_2.jpg Interesting piece in the Guardian today by Steve Feltham, a self-described, full-time 'Nessie Hunter'. He gave up a job, a girlfriend and his house to look for the mythical lake creature. And it's not a glamorous life, either- he lives in a van with no electricity or running water, and sells little clay models of Nessie to get by.

Most people probably think Feltham is a little crazy. And they may be right. Still, there's something about him that resonates:

Film crews and journalists from all over the world turn up on a regular basis, and I answer all their questions, but they are invariably focused on one subject: is there a monster, or isn't there? Which is perfectly understandable, but it frustrates me that I never have the chance to get an equally important point across: that if you have a dream, no matter how harebrained others think it is, then it is worth trying to make it come true. I'm living proof that it might just work.

Or more simply:

Grown men looking for monsters? Fantastic.

There's very little wonder left in the modern world. So here's to grown men, everywhere, who spend their lives looking for something that, in the end, is kinda nuts. I'm glad they makes me feel like the world is a little less compartmentalized.