Make your own Cylon

 dvicemakecylon.jpg All right, all you crazy BSG fans. Finally, a contest we can all get behind: DESIGN YOUR OWN CYCLON!

The SCIFI.COM, DVICE and MAKE magazine are co-sponsoring the competition. In their words:

You know the Cylons — that fanatical race of genocidal robots? There are a bunch of different kinds, from toaster-like automatons to human-looking androids to fighter planes, and the idea is for contestants to mod something (or create something from scratch) to make it look like a Cylon. You can put photos of your entry on Flickr or video on YouTube with a special tag or just send them in to a specific e-mail address we've set up (details after the Continue link below). Judging the entries will be none other than BSG cast members Tricia Helfer and Grace Park. The best ones will be featured on the SCI FI Channel!

Coooool. I think I'll convert my car- a totally cherry 98 Ford Contour with 340,000KM on it- into the much feared Cylon Compact Sedan. All it really needs is a scanning red eye light thingy and an inexorable desire to screw with the human race. 

To be fair, it kinda has the last bit already. If by 'screw' you mean 'frequently break down' and by 'human race' you mean 'me'.