D.B. Cooper: A new wrinkle. Or, at least a wrinkly new parachute

I've blogged about D.B. Cooper before...he's the fellow who hijacked an airliner, demanded and received $200,000 and a parachute, and then bailed out of the plane somewhere over the Washington/Oregon border. He disappeared without a trace, and his case remains one of the more tantalizing mysteries of recent memory. And today, a piece of the puzzle may have just been dug out of the ground. A group of children playing in the woods found a parachute sticking out of the ground, where it had apparently been buried many years before. The parachute is at least the same colour as Cooper's (white), and was found in the area that many believe the hijacker landed. The FBI is now analyzing the chute to see if it can be conclusively linked to the Cooper case.

Of course, there are a few problems. In 1980, about $5,800 of Cooper's cash ransom was found on a beach near Vancouver. At the time, folks thought the money had been washed there by a river. But if Cooper really did land at the Parachute site, then there's no way the money could have made it to the beach naturally. Like any good mystery, a new clue ends up posing more questions than it answers.

I'll post some more updates as soon as I hear more.

UPDATE: The FBI says no dice. It's a parachute, but it ain't DB's.