Snake Eyes makes his debut

So, there's a new GI Joe movie coming out. This should be the cause of much celebration, since the original cartoon series was the basis of much of my contemporary problem solving and interpersonal relationship skills. But I'm worried. Instead of an ass-kicking and vaguely imperialist American squad, the new movie will feature GI Joe as a 'global task force'. I am now haunted by scenes of Scarlett struggling through mounds of paperwork: her purple and yellow tights garishly out-of-place, her crossbow lying on the ground covered in cobwebs. Cut to a grim-faced Duke facing off against Cobra Commander in a terse Security Council meeting. Terrifying. But, from the darkness, comes some light. Here's a new pick of Ray Park (aka Darth Maul) as the non-stop badass Snake Eyes:


Admittedly, that's pretty cool. Hard to imagine this dude getting bogged down by the hand-wringing international community. Cool, but perhaps not as cool as this:

Crazy firefight at the Statue of Liberty, and not a scratch on her. That's taking care of business.

Thanks to KJ for the heads-up on the photo.