Royal Canadian Air Farce calls it quits

The CBC is reporting that longstanding sketch comedy show The Royal Canadian Air Farce is going off the air after 35 years. To which I say: why in god's name didn't this happen sooner?

Air Farce was not funny. It was the opposite of funny. It's like it was some kind of mistaken import from a parallel universe where boring was hilarious and hot snow fell up. Every time I flipped by it, I actually felt myself becoming less funny, as though a funny vortex had suddenly opened up in my living room.

To be fair, as a radio show Air Farce had its moments. But after one of the least successful transitions to television in broadcasting, the show went from mildly amusing to thoroughly unendurable. The political impersonations were terrible. The writing was bad. The delivery stilted and irritating. Even the canned laughter didn't sound convinced.

Air Farce is emblematic of the problems with Canadian TV in general and the CBC in particular. Like a lot of Canadian TV, Air Farce was just an inferior product. There are hundreds of very funny Canadians. Why don't they have shows? Something with some bite, a little edge? A Kids in the Hall for the 21st century? Air Farce was pedestrian, safe and totally uninteresting. Ditto for a lot of original Canadian programming, especially the claptrap appearing on the CBC.

Speaking of the CBC, Air Farce also illustrates an illness at the mother corp: unfounded and baffling loyalty to the wrong horse. No matter how bad you are, no matter how inferior the show you put out is, the CBC has got your back. It's like the mafia. Once you're in, you're in for life. This explains why Air Farce survived three and a half decades, why Shelagh Rogers STILL has a radio show, and Jian Ghomeshi in general.

Yeah. So, farewell Air Farce. Hopefully something good will replace you...but I'm not holding my breath.