My humps, my humps, my lovely [camel] lumps

camel-face.jpg  Mmm-hmmm. I sure do love me some sexy camels. So, apparently, do Abu Dhabians, who will be holding their sixth annual camel beauty contest this week.

The dromedarian (or bactrian? I never know) contestants will be evaluatued on humpiness, eyelash length and general orneriness. Camels with obvious defects or contagious diseases will not be permitted to enter, meaning Spitty the Three-Legged TB Wonder Camel will once again be barred from competition.

Too bad for Spitty, since the prizes are pretty sweet...over $9 million in cash and over 100 cars. Of course, this begs the question: if you win a fancy car in a camel contest, what do you drive home? The camel or the car? And if you do drive the car, do you put the camel in the trunk? Or do you let him drive?

These are the questions that have haunted man since the beginning of time. I won't attempt the answer them here, except to say that the car had better be automatic, since camel toes are useless with a stick.

Now that's how you do double entendre, kids.