Science creates cow/man hybrid

minotaur.jpg For some reason known only to themselves, scientists in the UK have created a hybrid cow/human embryo. While they're spouting all sorts of nifty justifications, it seems pretty clear the decision to pursue this research went something like this:

"Dude, I bet you can't make a cowman."

"Bet you I can."

"You're on."

And humanity takes another bold step forward. A favourite justification is that the new hybrid will help develop new insights into incurable conditions. Incurable conditions like, oh I don't know, being a half-man, half-cow. Along with the associated difficulties in buying pants, cowmen also have very limited employment opportunities. Basically, they can go work in a giant maze in Crete where they will eventually be stabbed to death by an Athenian king. Awesome!

Photo: Modern science: now looking into Minotaurism!