Ah, the endless parade of human ignorance

Just found a great site, via Scanner, detailing the vast stupidty of humanity, as witnessed by the people working in the service industry. Here's just one of the gems to be found on Notalwaysright.com:

Customer: “My son is locked out of the house and I need to send him the key!”

Me: “We can overnight the key and have it to him by 10:30am tomorrow morning. Shall we send the key to the neighbor’s house?”

Customer: “No, he needs it right now! Why can’t I just fax it?”

Me: “…Ma’am, you can’t fax a key.”

Customer: “Why not? He’s locked out and needs the key!”

Me: “Because a key is a three dimensional object, not a document.”

(Customer stares at me.)

Me: “Ma’am, is your fax machine in your house?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: “How will your son get into the house to get the key from the fax machine if he is locked out?”

Customer: “D*mn it! You’re right! Well, thanks for your time!”

Me: “I do what I can.”

Stunning. Simply stunning. Speaking of which, check out this comment I got today on my Air Farce post:

Nat says:

I dont expect this to be put on this site,but im tired of being politally correct.The only reason this great show is being cancelled after so long is because the so called canadian content cbc want to appeal to minorities.I am tired of seeing classic shows derailed because minority interests clash with canadian interests.Yet another tradition stolen from us

Well, fear not, Nat. Not only will your comment make it on the site, but it will be held up as a shiny example of your own ignorance. Leaving aside the bad grammar for a moment, you deserve to be mocked for two reasons: you are vaguely racist, and you have horrible taste in TV. I'd ask why you think 'minority interests' are responsible for the demise of a fourth-rate sketch comedy show, but I have a feeling that would lead me down a dark hole of dumbassery.