The coming world food crisis

Anyone else a little bit freaked out about the food riots in Egypt and Haiti? People are justifiably peeved that average world food prices have gone up 40 per cent since mid-2007, and are doing what hungry, desperate people have done since the beginning of time- burned stuff. This is only the thin edge of the wedge. The increasing tempo of natural disasters (thank you, global warming), astronomical diesel costs, and the profoundly short-sighted move to convert arable land over to 'bio-fuel' production has caused the price of food to skyrocket. Instability and conflict follow hunger around like a puppy. And as always, its the world's poor who pay the price.  

We're sitting pretty in the West for now, but as food stocks dwindle and conflict spreads, the USA and Canada may soon feel the squeeze. It's easy to ignore global warming and the need for alternative energy sources now. But when bread costs $15, we'll wish we sorted this stuff out a lot sooner.