Penis theft panic hits Congo

Man, the Congo has had a run of bad luck lately, but this takes the cake. Police in Kinshasa have arrested a number of men accused of being sorcerers. Or more specifically, sorcerers who steal penises. A number of men have come forward claiming their cash & prizes have been rendered tiny, impotent or even invisible by evil magicians. Local men, justifiably angry at having their units spirited away, have attempted to lynch several of the alleged penis-snatchers.

This is a new one on me. I've heard people make excuses for their endowments- or lack thereof- before. But this is the first time I've ever heard someone claim "A sorcerer took it."

"Seriously baby...normally I'd rock your world but, you know, black magic."

In other news, Kinshasa has formally applied to have its name changed to 'Crazytown'.