TTC: slow, inefficient, inconsistent...and now, thanks to the sketchy union, non-existent.

Well, the douchebag TTC union finally pulled the trigger and went on strike. This despite the fact that union head Bob Kinnear recommended last week's tentative deal. Apparently, 65 per cent the TTC staff didn't agree with his rosy assessment. Oh, and as a fun bonus, they waived their '48 hour notice' pledge, leaving a bunch of people stranded. Good thing Kinnear doesn't work in PR. Oh, wait. I hope they get nothing more. In fact, I hope they get less than what they were offered in the original deal, and get their surly mugs legislated back to work. I think the fine men and women of the TTC need a little dose of reality. There is no way you should make more than 60K a year to drive a bus. Or a streetcar or subway, which more or less drives itself anyway. If you wanted to make more than that, you should have gone to college or university or learned a trade. Oh, and the technology for driverless subways totally exists. Just sayin'. Maybe the TTC employees should thank their lucky stars they have jobs at all.

Annoying. Looking for public support, TTC? Look somewhere else.