Historic Tempelhof Airport to Close

Sad news if you like airports, cool buildings, history, or some combination of the three: despite a campaign to save it, Tempelhof Airport failed to win a referendum to stay open.  It will close later this year to make way for a new, more central Berlin airport. Why should you care?

Well, it's the second oldest airport in the world (it opened in 1923) and has a spectacular building. Built by the Nazi administration (boooo...) to be the gateway of Hitler's fabled 'Germania', the simple scale of the place is staggering. And it has this giant canopy that lets a plane taxi up and drop off its passengers without exposing them to the elements.

Also, it's pretty darn historic. During the early days of the Cold War, Tempelhof was the primary airport for Western cargo planes during the Berlin Airlift. The tarmac at Tempelhof received a total of 278,228 flights delivering some 2,326,406 tonnes of supplies, keeping Berlin fed and thwarting Stalin.

It would be a monumental shame if Tempelhof were demolished. I hope at least they will preserve some of the buildings as a museum. Lord knows, they've seen enough history.