Colossal Squid has biggest eye in the world

You may have heard about the Giant Squid. Big, tentacled, frequently maligned as killer of sailors and bane of Johnny Depp's nautical misadventures (Yarrrrr, the Kraken be CGI). But what you might not know is that there is actually something bigger than a giant squid: a COLOSSAL SQUID. These bad boys feature tentacles lined with razor sharp protrusions, and an impressive 15 metre length. Fisherman caught one of these ginormous squids off the coast of Antarctica last year, and scientists have begun the task of  poking around inside its gooey bits. And possibly making the largest calamari appetizer ever.

Today's big revelation? The Colossal Squid has the animal kingdom's largest eye. The monstrous peeper is 11 inches across, and has a lens the size of an orange. In other words, the squid's eye is as big as your head. Somewhere, a Lenscrafters CEO just had a coronary.

In related news, I have just found my new Super Villain name. The Colossal Squid's superpowers include looking slimy, being slimy, and just plain lookin'. I call trump, Dr. Octopus. Trump indeed.